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Relax those stresses and strains with one of our massages

Signature Massage
This fabulously relaxing body massage aims to decrease stress and soothe tense muscles. Other benefits include increasing blood flow to the tissues and helping the muscles get rid of toxic waste. An effective massage in the treatment of Fibromyalgia.
90 mins

Relaxation Massage
Relaxing full body or half body massage.
Full Body 60 mins
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 mins

Aromatherapy Massage
Following a thorough consultation, your oils are carefully chosen and blended to suit your individual needs.
Full Body 60 mins
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 mins

Leg Massage for Restless Leg 30 mins

Sports Massage/Deep Therapy Massage
Intense massage therapy ideal for sporting injuries.
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 mins

Hot Stones Therapy Massage
With the aid of the deeply penetrating heat of volcanic stones, it reduces muscle tension, improving flexibility and calms the mind.
Full Body 75 mins
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30 mins

A nurturing and relaxing massage for the mother-to-be. Using a massage chair to support your body, special attention is given to the comfort and stage of your pregnancy. The massage can help ease aching backs, stiff shoulders and sore hips. It can also pep up your mood and get those feel-good, pain-relieving endorphins flowing around your body, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.
60 mins

Lymphatic Drainage
Feeling low, lethargic, pre-menstrual, no energy? Manual lymphatic drainage could suit you. It could energize the body; help increase the immune system and helps alleviate the everyday stresses of day to day living.
Treatment up to 90 mins

Hopi Ear Candles
Helps to stimulate the blood and lymphatic circulatory systems, includes Japanese Massage Technique, calms the mind and soothes the head and ears. This treatment is offered with or without a facial treatment.
Candle Treatment Only 45 mins
Facial & Candle Treatment 75 mins

A natural relaxing holistic therapy, using special techniques on the feet or hands; to stimulate specific points; and initiates a beneficial response in other areas of the body.
Including Consultation 40 mins

Ayurveda Head Massage
Balancing the mind, body and soul, this is a relaxing scalp massage.
20 mins

Reiki is a non-contact treatment, helps to clam the mind and body.
40 mins

Deep Therapy Newmatic Massage
A deep intense massage, which can help reduce cellulite and puffiness and can also aid in smoothing and firming the skin.
60 mins

A new revolutionary type of body-toning fitness machine that will change people’s lifestyle and offer fabulous fitness gains in only 10 minutes, and up to three times per week.
In conjunction with a healthy eating plan, users will see the following gains: Body toning, firmer skin and muscle, reduction in cellulite appearance, detoxification and bone strengthening, and the possibility of loosing a dress size in 6 weeks.
Initial induction required and then price is per session, or a block of 10 sessions.